Say Goodbye to
Hours of Research

Say Hello to Tavily, your AI mate for rapid insights and comprehensive research. Tavily takes care of everything from accurate source gathering to organization of research results - all in one platform designed to make your research process a breeze.

Introducing our Search API - Connect your LLM to the Web

Elevate your AI's capabilities with a search engine built specifically for AI agents (LLMs), delivering real-time, accurate, and factual results at speed. The Search API helps connect LLMs and AI applications to trusted and real-time knowledge, thus reducing hallucinations and overall bias. Simply put, the API helps your AI make better decisions.

  • In-depth Research

    Simplify data gathering with trusted, aggregated and curated results from a single API call.

  • Intelligent Query Suggestions and Answers

    Equip your AI with the ability to iteratively deepen its knowledge through automated, nuanced answers and follow-up queries.

Tailored search retrieval for AI agents

We know that each AI agent requires different data. That's why we've built a flexible API that allows you to customize your search to your needs. We use a combination of proprietary data sources and models to deliver the most relevant results for your AI agent.

  • Code
  • Finance
  • News

It is critical for finance AI applications to retrieve realtime and correct data for making the right decisions. Tavily aggregates information from curated sources to deliver the most relevant results for your AI agent. Anything from stock prices to company financials, we have you covered.

Our goal is to make the research process a breeze, so you can focus on what matters

With Tavily Research Assistant, all you need is to share your objectives and questions, and voila! Tavily provides comprehensive, accurate and credible research results in a matter of seconds.

  • 1. Share what you want to research

    For example: "Plan a 5 day romantic trip to Paris" or "how to optimize my Linkedin profile"

  • 2. Tavily will start the research process

    Tavily will start gathering information from multiple online trusted sources. Tavily aims to provide you with the most accurate and credible information.

  • 3. Get a comprehensive research report

    Tavily will then organize the information and provide you with a comprehensive research report within minutes.

  • 4. Dive deeper and share insights

    Once you have your research results, you can dive deeper to more research tasks, and even share your reports.

Find a plan to power your AI Agents

We're excited to launch our Partners Program! If you're a startup or enterprise and interested in becoming a design partner contact us.


For new creators and researchers

  • 1,000 API calls (Monthly)
  • No credit card required
  • Basic and Advanced Search
  • Research Assistant
  • Email support

For solopreneurs and small teams

  • 15,000 API Calls (Monthly)
  • Tailored topics and sources
  • Basic and Advanced Search
  • Research Assistant
  • Personalized support

For scale and growth

  • 38,000 API Calls (Monthly)
  • Tailored topics and sources
  • Basic and Advanced Search
  • Research Assistant
  • Personalized support

Interested in unlimited API calls, tailored topics and sources, hybrid search and enterprise-grade security and privacy?

By registering, you agree to our Search API Agreement. Take a moment to review it.

Everything you need to know

Here are the questions most people always ask about.

  • What kind of research does Tavily conduct?

    Tavily is proficient in conducting any kind of research regardless of the subject matter or niche. Tavily can help with anything from "find the top 5 restaurants in NYC" to academic research like "What is the economic impact of Covid?".

  • How does Tavily ensure the accuracy of the information provided?

    Tavily uses advanced algorithms and models to gather information from trusted sources. We also have a team of experts who review the information to refine and ensure research correctness.

  • How is Tavily Search API different from other APIs?

    Unlike Bing, Google and SerpAPI, Tavily Search API reviews multiple sources to find the most relevant content from each source to optimize for LLM context. Tavily Search API is also more affordable and flexible.

  • How long does it take to receive the research findings?

    It depends on the research. On average, you will receive a comprehensive research report within minutes. Our API can return research results in seconds!

  • How can I integrate with Tavily Search API?

    Tavily Search API is LLM agnostic and can be integrated with any LLM. You can also use our API as is, or with leading partners such as Langchain and LlamaIndex. Check out our documentation to learn more.

  • Can I test Tavily API before purchasing?

    Yes, Tavily is free for limited monthly use. No credit card required with registration. We're excited to see what you build!

  • Does Tavily include sources in the research results?

    Yes, Tavily provides comprehensive cited sources for the research results. You can also tell Tavily which sources to focus on.

  • Is Tavily suitable for individual or enterprise needs?

    Both! Tavily is ideal for anyone who needs to conduct research to make unbiased and informed decisions. We work closely with individuals, startups and enterprises to provide the best research experience for your business or AI automation.

  • What is the Tavily Partners program?

    Our partner program is a carefully selected group of businesses that we work closely with to iterate and improve our product. As a partner the usage is completely free, and we mostly seek for continuous feedback and an open communication channel.

Unleash the Power of AI with Automated Research

Tavily does your research for you, so you can spend less time stressing over it and more time focusing on the things that really matter.

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